Great Lakes Cover Crop Initiative

This project, which was funded by EPA's Great Lakes Restoration Initiative and ran from 2010-2013, demonstrated the effectiveness of cover crops and conservation tillage systems to decrease agricultural nonpoint source pollution and inform producers about the economic benefits of the systems. CTIC and partners assisted agricultural producers in the Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Huron watersheds with implementation of cover crops and conservation tillage systems on 36,970 acres. Producers received technical, educational and social support to fully understand the benefits of cover crops and conservation tillage, to correctly incorporate the practices into their operation, to evaluate the changes and adapt management to optimize yield and resource protection. By providing this three-tiered support, the project built producer capacity to effectively manage, adapt and commit to the long-term implementation of these conservation practices.

Contact Information


Lake Michigan - Christina Currell
Phone: (231) 592-0792
Cell: (231) 287-8617

Lake Huron- Paul Gross
Phone: 989-773-1622 ext 302

Lake Erie - Florian Chirra
Phone: (419) 636-5608
CTIC,GLCCI Coordinator 
Chad Watts


Lessons Learned through GLCCI (PDF outlining observations and tips from farmers involved in GLCCI)
Helping People, Land and Water: The Cover Crop Story (This 8-minute video features three farmers in the Great Lakes basin, a Michigan State University Extension educator and an Ohio State researcher on Lake Erie as they discuss water quality and cover crops.)